Studio Renovation in Mount Martha, Victoria

About The Project

This case study is the story of how Blue Point Building Services skillfully constructed a soul-stirring studio at the back of Monica’s house to reclaim the breathtaking views she cherished.

The Vision

Monica, a resident of Mount Martha, has long revelled in the mesmerising bay views from the highest point of her sloping block. But, the construction next door has begun to obstruct some of these views from her main house. That’s when she turned to Blue Point Building Services to construct a studio at the rear of her property.

Within 10 months, we brought her vision to life, building a striking studio equipped with a bedroom, ensuite, walk-in robe (WIR), study, and sitting room, all thoughtfully connected by the house’s corridor framing enchanting bay views that she holds dear.

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Mount Martha


10 Months

Our Approach

With an unyielding commitment to superior craftsmanship, Blue Point Building Services ensures excellence in every project. Here’s how we uniquely personalised our approach to realising Monica’s studio dream in a truly spectacular manner.

Step 1: Planning and Permits
We started with thorough town planning, making sure all engineering and regulatory requirements were met. This involved obtaining the necessary building permits, and ensuring everything was in order before moving forward.

Step 2: Construction Commenced
Once permits were secured, we wasted no time getting started. We began by preparing the site, digging and pouring the concrete slab and pad footings for the steel, and laying the groundwork for the structure.

Step 3: Building the Structure
We then constructed the studio's framework, using a 60-tonne crane to place steel beams over the house from the driveway. After securing the beams, we completed the framing and roofing, ensuring the structure was stable and secure through to the lock-up phase.

Step 4: Integrating with the Main House
To seamlessly connect the studio with the main house, we made adjustments to the corridor, specifically opening up a section of the corridor into the main house. This ensured easy access and a cohesive flow between the two buildings.

Step 5: Finishing Touches
Finally, we focused on the details that would bring Monica's vision to life. From plastering the walls to adding the final touches to the interior, every step was carried out with precision and care, culminating in the Fit Off stage.

Our clear and methodical approach ensured that Monica’s studio was built to the highest standards, meeting her vision and exceeding expectations.

The Challenges

Blue Point Building Services is determined to make sure our clients’ visions are fully achieved, despite any obstacles. This unwavering commitment shone through during Michelle’s project.

Steep Block and Access Hurdles

The steep block and challenging access conditions posed significant hurdles. To overcome this, we strategically cut the back out of the existing garage to facilitate machine access. This decision minimised disruption to the surroundings while enabling efficient navigation of the terrain.

Boulders Underground

Discovery of boulders underground, especially in areas designated for pad footings, required immediate action. We promptly redesigned steel and pad locations to avoid these obstacles. This ensured Monicia’s home stayed structurally sound, without compromising safety or quality.

Steep Access Posing Major Delivery Problems

Steep access to the site caused logistical challenges, particularly with deliveries. However, through effective team planning and coordination, we managed the timely delivery of materials and equipment, with the assistance of our clients, Monica and her partner, Luc.

The Solutions

Flawless Logistics Management

Despite challenging site conditions, we effectively managed all major deliveries and construction logistics without any issues. This demonstrates our ability to handle complex projects and our dedication to operational excellence.

Rapid Engineering Innovation

Faced with substantial underground boulders, our engineering team ingeniously revised the structural plans. Their rapid response and innovative problem-solving ensured the project progressed without delay, highlighting our adaptability and technical prowess.

Mesmerising Studio Completion in 10 Months

We delivered Monica’s studio on schedule, as promised, within 10 months. Our team handled every phase, from obtaining permits to adding final details. Despite challenges, we maintained a steady pace, ensuring flawless adherence to the timeline.

Final Thoughts

We’re incredibly proud of the final result; the project exceeded Monica’s expectations, delivering immense satisfaction. The studio’s beauty and functionality now offer Monica an even more expansive bay view, fulfilling her desires and marking a standout achievement for us.

Here at Blue Point Building Services, our goal is to go above and beyond for you. These achievements exemplify our tailored approach and unique strategies for our clients, like Monica.

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