Lovely Home Extensions & Renovations Elsternwick

About the Project

With a desire to extend their house and flawlessly redesign it to suit their preferences, yet uncertain about the budget, Celia and Arno called us.

This case is a compelling tale of transforming their dreams into tangible reality, all done with cost-effective measures, ultimately resulting in a stylish home and big smiles.

Celia and Arno's Journey to Their Dream Home

When Celia and Arno approached us, they shared their vision for enhancing their existing, old house. It originally had two good-sized bedrooms at the front. We transformed it by knocking down walls and extending the space to create a home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, complete with a new carport.

We assisted in redesigning the house and executed all the necessary building works to bring their dream home to life.

Dreaming of A Home Makeover Like Celia and Arno?

Clients Names

Celia and Arno


Elsternwick Victoria


10 Months

Our Approach: Crafting the Ideal Living Space for Arno and Celia

Blue Point Building Services believes that each project requires a customised approach to make it extraordinary. For Celia and Arno’s home renovation in Elsternwick, we crafted a personalised strategy, proposing a process tailored to meet their unique needs.

The project commenced with a thorough demolition phase, where our skilled team carefully dismantled and cleared the old structure to make way for the upcoming transformation.

Following the successful demolition, we switched to the construction phase. Here, we expertly built the desired extension, paying careful attention to architectural details and structural integrity.

As the construction progressed, the house reached the lock-up stage. This crucial milestone marked the completion of the exterior structure, securing the property and providing a solid foundation for the next phases.

With the exterior secured, we shifted to the interior. Fitted out the inside of the house, ensuring every detail aligned with the envisioned design. This phase involved the integration of finishes, fixtures, and other interior elements.

We worked on enhancing the property's functionality and aesthetics by adding a stylish carport. This addition complemented the overall design, providing both practicality and visual appeal.

We ensured a well-coordinated progression through each stage of the project. Through integrating every single element, we have achieved a seamless transformation, delivering a stunningly redesigned home that surpassed Celia and Arno’s expectations.

Overcoming Hurdles to Create a Beautiful Living Space

As we began our project, we knew there could be obstacles along the way. But at Blue Point Building Services, we see challenges as opportunities.

Mismatched Design and Budget Concerns

Right from our initial site meeting – we understood the design didn’t quite match what the client needed, and the cost estimates were way beyond their budget. So, we rolled up our sleeves and redesigned the house, making it more cost-effective while keeping the same number of rooms. This adjustment ended up saving the clients about $100,000.
Once construction started, everything ran smoothly without a hitch. We approached and efficiently conquered each problem head-on.

Project's Proudest Moments

Stand Out Designs

The first achievement centres around our design work. Beautifully crafted, and masterpieces. From the layout to the aesthetic details, each element was carefully crafted to ensure a harmonious and visually appealing living space.

Quality Construction, Delivered Right On Time

We completed construction work within the committed 10-month timeframe.

Dazzling Makeover, On-Time Build, Pleased Client

Every hurdle we faced and overcame, every smart decision we made, has now become a source of joy for us. We’re excited to share the top three accomplishments that truly stand out, showcasing the dedication and success poured into this project.

Happy Clients

Our ultimate achievement is the joy our clients, Celia and Arno, experienced, showing the success of the project and the fulfillment of our mission. We assisted in redesigning their house, bringing their dream home to life. We took a personalised approach to their home renovation, managing every phase of the project to ensure a seamless transformation. Making Celia and Arno’s dream home a reality and seeing their smiles is our ultimate reward for every effort we put in.