Stunning Home Renovation & Extension In Bentleigh VIC

The Vision

Michelle wanted to transform her home by adding a new kitchen, bathroom, and a Rumpus Room that would capture the sun from the north. Her commitment to sustainability led her to decide to stop using gas. So, we shifted her to an all-electric system and installed solar panels.

Michelle had full confidence in our skills as builders, trusting us to not only respect but also adapt to her lifestyle during the renovation process. The process required her to live without a kitchen and bathroom temporarily, but she adeptly managed her routine.

We took care of everything from the initial plans and permits right through to the building work. Our team of experts ensured a seamless process, handling every aspect of the project with meticulous attention to detail. The result was a stunning renovation that exceeded all expectations.

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6 Months

Our Approach: Turning Dreams Into Reality

The approach of Blue Point Building Services is focused on customising every detail to fit the unique needs of our clients. Here’s how we approached this project.

We quickly obtained the building permit, a crucial first step. This allowed us to begin the extension without delay, ensuring a smooth start.

With good access to the back of the house, we commenced the extension work. Our team focused on precision and speed to reach the Lock-Up stage, where the exterior is completed, and the house becomes secure.

Once the exterior was set, we shifted our focus indoors. This phase involved work to revitalise the interior, ensuring every detail aligned with Michelle’s vision.

The highlight of our interior work was installing the new kitchen and bathroom. These spaces were completely transformed, blending functionality with modern aesthetics to match Michelle's taste.

With the major work completed, we added the final touches to ensure every element was perfect.

Overcoming Obstacles To Stay On Track

Blue Point Building Services is determined to make sure our clients’ visions are fully achieved, despite any obstacles. This unwavering commitment shone through during Michelle’s project.

Old Septic Tank

We encountered an old septic tank buried right where we planned to lay the new extension's footings. It was a potential roadblock, but our skilled engineer, Pov, stepped in with a solution.

His expertise and problem-solving skills were instrumental in swiftly resolving the issue. With his guidance, we secured the foundation approval from the Building Surveyor, enabling us to pour the concrete footings without significant delay.

Unsafe Electrical System

The second challenge was the house's old and unsafe electrical system. To ensure safety and modern functionality, we completely rewired the entire house.

This crucial update not only resolved existing safety issues but also upgraded the electrical infrastructure to align with the demands of a contemporary lifestyle, meeting Michelle's needs for a modern, secure home.

These challenges were tackled with professionalism and expertise. We overcame every obstacle to transform Michelle’s home into the safe, stylish, and functional space she desired.

The Solutions

Going Green

Turning an old house into a stunning eco-friendly home has been a remarkable achievement for us. This project highlights our ability to merge sustainability with style, creating living spaces that are not only eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing.

Excellence in Design and Timely Completion

Being involved from the very start, particularly with Jess’s outstanding design work, was key to this project’s success. The ability to bring these designs to life and complete the job on time demonstrates our efficiency and dedication. The collaborative effort between the design and execution teams truly paid off, resulting in a project that exceeded our client’s expectations. With everyone’s hard work and commitment, we were able to deliver exceptional results.

Smooth Execution

The project’s journey was smooth, thanks to Tim’s exceptional project management skills. His leadership and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the renovation was handled with care. The team followed his guidance closely, and as a result, they were able to complete the renovation ahead of schedule and within budget. Clients were impressed with the high-quality work and attention to detail, which led to an increase in referrals for the company.

Satisfied Customer - Job Complete

The most gratifying achievement of all was seeing Michelle’s happiness with her new renovation. Our goal is always to deliver beyond expectations, and Michelle’s satisfaction is a clear indicator of our success in this endeavour. Each of these achievements contributed to the success of the project, leaving Michelle with a home that’s not just a structure but a reflection of her dreams and our commitment.

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